The Home Market
The Home Market

Who Qualifies?

Homes are available to any prospective purchaser who can access a bond from a bank. There may also be those prospective buyers who may qualify for a credit-linked Government Housing Subsidy called FLISP

What is FLISP (Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme)?

FLISP offers down payment assistance in the form of a grant to Qualifying Beneficiaries, who are in a financial position to secure a Home Loan (Mortgage Loan) from a Lender (Bank) to acquire a home. The FLISP subsidy reduces the amount of the Loan required from the Bank, thus rendering the monthly loan repayment instalments more affordable over the Loan repayment term.

Who qualifies for FLISP?

The FLISP subsidy is a once off payment and is only available to a Qualifying Beneficiary (potential purchaser) who has also qualified for a Home Loan from a Bank to acquire a home and who satisfies the Qualifying Criteria.

Our agents are experienced with the qualifying criteria for a FLISP subsidy and will assist you with the subsidy application.

Contact Thandi Ndzombane - 074 511 8774 or Reinet Nduna - 079 429 2453 or visit the Show Houses / Site office: Mon - Friday 8:30 am - 4 pm, Corner of Victoria Drive and Buffelsfontein Road - Walmer.

Housing Types

The Walmer Link Affordable Housing for Sale Project consists of a number of basic house types.

7 Easy Steps

Starting the process of buying a home at Walmer Link is easy. Read our step by step guide.

Do You Qualify?

Who qualifies?
Qualifying criteria for a FLISP subsidy.