The Home Market
The Home Market

Other Costs

You as the Buyer will require to budget for the following additional items:

Bond Registration Fees and Costs

Part of the Bond Registration Cost is paid to the Bank, this being a once off Initiation Fee to cover costs to process the Home Loan application and a monthly Service Fee which is also paid to the Bank for administering your Home Loan account. This will be included in your monthly Mortgage Bond installment.

Bond Registration fees are paid by the Buyer to the Bond Attorney for the registration of the Home Loan which forms the security for your Home. These fees include the Bond Attorney's Fees and V.A.T.

Property Registration Fees

The Registration of the Bond and the Property may be undertaken by two separate Attorneys – a Bond Attorney and a Property Transferring (Conveyancing) Attorney. In some cases, these procedures are undertaken by one Attorney.

The Registration of the Property with the Deeds Registrar consists of the Transferring Attorney's Transfer Fee, Deeds Office Fee and Disbursements.

Housing Types

The Walmer Link Affordable Housing for Sale Project consists of a number of basic house types.

7 Easy Steps

Starting the process of buying a home at Walmer Link is easy. Read our step by step guide.

Do You Qualify?

Who qualifies?
Qualifying criteria for a FLISP subsidy.