The Home Market
The Home Market

Form of Ownership

The form of Ownership is Free Hold Title which means that you own the plot of land and the house on it. Your authority to own is contained in a Title Deed registered at the Deeds Office. You will be required to pay rates to the Municipality based on the value of the land and buildings.

Please note that this document is a rough guide and the Lender needs to look at the unique affordability levels of each Borrower. This includes a calculation of the Household Income compared to the Household Expenditure including all current debt repayment commitments.

Most Lenders allow a Borrower to apply for Provincial Credit Approval which provides a better idea of what price you can afford. The Home Market will assist in this.

Please also note that as part of your assessment of how much you can afford to pay every month for your Home Loan monthly installment, you need to include the following monthly payments which are related to the Home Loan:

  1. Building Insurance – the property is insured for the full insurance replacement value.
  2. Contents of the Home Insurance.
  3. Life Assurance Policy to cover the loan should anything happen to you.
  4. Municipal Rates, Water and Electrical consumption costs.

The monthly installments on the first 3 items will be dependent on the replacement value of the home and its contents and the Home Loan amount.

Housing Types

The Walmer Link Affordable Housing for Sale Project consists of a number of basic house types.

7 Easy Steps

Starting the process of buying a home at Walmer Link is easy. Read our step by step guide.

Do You Qualify?

Who qualifies?
Qualifying criteria for a FLISP subsidy.